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The Hubbard Foundation believes that lifestyle and diet play integral roles in health and well being. That is why we developed the following supplementation list for Devin Hubbard and are sharing it with you today. Before starting these or any other supplements, please speak with your health care provider. It is important to discuss supplementation with your physician to ensure that there are no contraindications with any medications or other supplements. 

As with all diseases, stress, heavy alcohol, and cigarette use should be significantly reduced if not avoided altogether. See: Living with CCSVI.

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"He that takes medicine and neglects diet, wastes the skills of the physician." (Chinese proverb)
  1. Gluten/Dairy free: Gluten is found in products containing wheat, barley, or rye.  Gluten initiates an overproduction of Zonulin in the body. Zonulin is a protein that, if unregulated, makes the lining of the gut and nervous system permeable. There are a host of gluten alternatives like rice, quinoa, and potato. Please visit the web sites and books below for suggestions.
  2. Reduce the intake of processed foods and regularly add more dark leafy green vegetables into your diet to increase the natural vasodilator Nitric Oxide in your blood system. 
  3. Drink lots of water in order to maintain optimum blood volume.

Supplements (alphabetical order)

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If this list seems overwhelming at first, start with items that are preceded by this asterisk: * Some of these products can be purchased on the Hubbard Foundation Amazon Store

Alpha Lipoic Acid
"Because alpha-lipoic acid can pass easily into the brain, it has protective effects on brain and nerve tissue. Scientists are investigating it as a potential treatment for stroke and other brain disorders involving free radical damage. Animals treated with alpha-lipoic acid, for example, suffered less brain damage and had a four times greater survival rate after a stroke than animals who did not receive this supplement. More research is needed to understand whether this benefit applies to people as well."

We conclude that patients taking 1200 mg of lipoic acid from two of the three oral formulations achieved serum Cmax and AUC levels comparable to that observed in mice receiving 50 mg/kg subcutaneous dose of lipoic acid, which is a highly therapeutic dose in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis. A dose of 1200 mg oral lipoic acid can achieve therapeutic serum levels in patients with multiple sclerosis.”

Red blood cell formation; maintains healthy nerve cells.

Juice-decreases blood pressure by increasing levels of nitric oxide.(American Heart Association journal Hypertension).

Antioxidant and promotes blood vessel health.

Anti-inflammatory; elps with autoimmune disorders and chronic venous insufficiency.

Vitamin B Complex
Enhances the immune system and nervous system.

Reduces iron.

Antioxidant; decreases migraines; beneficial effects on heart, brain and kidneys.

*Vitamin D
A precursor to a hormone. It controls calcium metabolism, regulates the immune system; controls the expression of 1,000 genes and acts as a “steroid” without the negative side effects. It is a fat soluble substance so it is important to check your Vit D levels.

Green tea extract.

Grape Seed Extract
Antioxidant; more potent that vitamin C7E; improves cardiovascular health; antiinflammatory.

Citrulline is a precursor to Arginine, and allows for increased and sustained Nitric Oxide production in the endothelium which helps to improve circulation.

A study which appears in the online version of the Journal of Biological Chemistry suggests that a dietary supplement similar to glucosamine may be useful as an oral therapy to correct cell-surface sugar defects that may trigger nerve damagein multiple sclerosis patients.

Defects on cell-surface sugars may promote the short-term inflammation and long-term neurodegeneration that occurs in the central nervous system of multiple sclerosis patients, according to University of California, Irvine researchers.

Helps to produce the body's "master" antioxidant, glutathione.

We do not recommend patients on DMDs go off their medications. Know that LDN does decrease the ability of pain medications to function properly and it cannot be used with many of the DMD's except Copaxone. If,however, you choose to go on LDN you should gather as much information as possible.

LDN is Low Dose Naltrexone which is an opiate antagonist. In low doses it boosts the immune system's natural defenses while you sleep. There seems to be no side effects and many people with MS have experienced a halt in progression of their illness and remission in signs and symptoms of the disease.

Magnesium is involved in 300 enzymatic reactions. Regulates neuromuscular activity of the heart.May help with cramps and restless leg syndrome.

Reduces other metals. 3pills twice a day for 6 weeks.

A natural enzyme that promotes healthy blood clotting and normal blood viscosity; improves circulation.

*Omega 3
Fish oil-lowers triglycerides; prevents atherosclerosis; optimizes blood pressure; improves memory functioning.

Perlmutter’s Brain Sustain
Enhances brain performance. Provides antioxidant action and reduces free radicals.

Live microorganisms “good bacteria”. They offset effects of antibiotics;ease symptoms of lactose intolerance; diminish diarrhea and IBS.

Phytochemical which is a powerful antioxidant; anti inflammatory; antihistamine.

Anti-aging effects of the brain; antioxidant.

Enzyme alternative to NSAIDS. Natural anti inflammatory.

Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant

*Undenatured Whey
The best way to increase glutathione(the body's master antioxidant/detoxifier) is to drink un denatured whey.

Vessel Max
Supports for the four structure layers of the vein.

NOTE: If taking all these supplements is overwhelming, you might want to try some combinations. You will want to check the labels to determine what additional supplementation you will need.

*Neprinol AFD
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Combination of Nattokinase, Serratiopeptidase and other proteolytic enzymes.

Plus whole food and vital minerals. we order on line from

*Gluten Relief
As needed. Taken with each meal if you unwittingly are eating gluten/dairy. It’s not used to replace a gluten/dairy free diet.

Supports cerebrovascular health, antioxidant.

Recommended Web Sites

Recommended Reading

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  • The Cardiovascular Cure, John P. Cooke, MD,PhD
  • Gut and Psychology Syndrome, Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride MD
  • Healing Multiple Sclerosis, Ann Boroch
  • Minding My Mitochondria How I overcame SPMS and Got Out of My Wheelchair, Terry L. Wahls, M.D.
  • The Nitric Oxide (NO) Solution, Nathan S. Bryan PhD and Janet Zand OMD with Bill Gottlieb
  • The Promise of Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) Therapy, Elaine E. Moore and Samantha Wilkinson


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    • The Spunky Coconut,  Kelly V. Brozyna (gluten free)
    • The Gluten Free Almond Flour Cookbook, Elana Amsterdam

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